Apostle Sharise C. Tate

Apostle Sharise C. Tate is founder and overseer of In Heaven Hands Ministries. A Women's Survival Ministry helping women to become healed and whole through Christ Jesus and His love.

In Heaven Hands Ministries is a non profit 501c3 organization established in June 2004

when God called Apostle Sharise through an encounter and said to her.. "Build my Church". With her God given commission, a fire in her eyes, and a burning in her heart, she beat the ground standing on the scripture John 10:10. She has spent the past sixteen years laboring above and beyond to help women find life through the life-giving source Jesus Christ. With the help of the Holy Spirit's wisdom, guidance and leading, she has helped thousands of women discover their purpose, spiritual gifts, restructure their homes, marriages, ministries and churches.


Apostle Sharise is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, teacher and serves as a spiritual Advisor, spiritual covering, counselor and consultant to thousands of women, startup businesses and independent ministry leaders.


Apostle Sharise is  known by thousands as a "Builder" and have an extensive track record of building people, businesses, ministries and churches. Her famous saying is "You only have one life to live and there ain't no dress rehearsals , so get start looking in the mirror and telling yourself.You deserve it"!

In Heaven Hands Ministries

In Heaven Hands Ministries is a Women Survival Ministry which serves as a parent company to five ministries including our church The Holy Spirit House.

Our heart and mission is to assist in the healing and wholeness of the physical and inner being of our sisters. 

It takes a community to raise a healthy child and we realize that it is our responsibility to ensure that all futures remains bright.

Email: inheavenhands@yahoo.com

Phone: 770-885-2256

Prayer Line- 770-988-5185

Registered Nonprofit 501c3

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